Lost Days: A Staff Pick for Kickstarter and the Next Great Read!

Lost Days CoverCongratulate Mike on his Staff Pick Kickstarter Campaign! Veteran author Michael Jan Friedman is writing a historical fantasy for reluctant readers based on the advent of the Gregorian Calendar in 1582.

“I know,” Friedman said. “Who in his right mind would want to write a book about a calendar? Especially one that’s been around for almost half a millennium?” Nonetheless, he insists, Lost Days is an exciting adventure, steeped in intrigue and the interplay of magical forces. As a history teacher, he is enthusiastic about what the book can mean to students for whom history is a turn-off.

“I’m talking in particular about kids who grew up in underprivileged circumstances,” he said, “kids who never got the chance to see history for the splendid and fascinating tapestry it is. These are the kids I see in my classroom every day. This book is for them.” Friedman said he hopes to capture the attention of these readers with “monsters and demons and blood and death, and magic, and courage, and crazy schemes, and even love. These are story elements that kids, any kids, can latch onto.”

Lost Days - Kickstarter campaign
He is financing the publication and distribution of Lost Days through a Kickstarter campaign. Anyone who wishes to back the project can do so at http://bit.ly/MJFlostdays.

Friedman is a co-founder of Crazy 8 Press, an indie publishing concern designed to address changes in the traditional book-publishing landscape. He can be reached at MichaelJanFriedman.net and Crazy 8 Press, as well as on Twitter @FriedmanMJ and on Facebook (Michael Jan Friedman).

Fight the Gods!

And they said it couldn’t be done! Fight The Gods, my brand-new roller coaster of an urban fantasy novel, can now be accessed on your Kindle, through your Kindle app, or on your Nook. Just look for the links on the Crazy8Press.com site. And the print-on-demand version is in the works as well.

Fight The Gods is about Zeno Aristos, who, at the age of thirty-eight, is trying to find himself. Much to his girlfriend’s chagrin, he’s quit the New York City police force and can’t figure out what he wants to do with his life. A job in security doesn’t appeal to him. Bodyguard work leaves him cold. Only single-wall handball, with its street culture of razor-edged competition, seems to get his juices flowing.

Then someone close to Zeno is kidnapped, and his search for that person leads him through a gauntlet of increasingly dark and cryptic forces, taking him from the sullen streets of gang-ravaged Brooklyn to the manicured cemeteries of suburban New Jersey to the slick corporate penthouses of midtown Manhattan. The deeper Zeno digs, the more certain he is that he’s dealing not with a mere earthly adversary, but with an ancient entity steeped in the deepest and most malevolent of mysteries!

Check it out! No, really!



Check out Bob Greenberger’s description of the conditions under which we Crazy 8 writers had to write our minimum opus “The Demon Circle” at crazy8press.com. Talk about your cramped spaces. And me a claustrophobe…

Hey, I’m also afraid of heights. Maybe we’ll stage our next round-robin writing stunt on the roof of the Empire State Building.


In case we needed any additional proof that bank directors are evil…

Every so often I get an offer in the mail from a bank that issued one of my credit cards. “Great news!” they tell me. They’ve enclosed some checks that represent a “smart” way “to save on interest.” All I have to do is activate these checks, cash them, or use them to pay off another balance–and for a year, I won’t have to pay a red cent in interest. Wow, lucky me. What did I do to deserve this?

Then I look at the interest rate after the first year elapses…and it’s 16.99%!  Six-teen-point-nine-nine–in an era where you’re luck to get two percent interest on your savings!

So after a year, I’ll only  be “saving on interest” if the balance I paid off with these checks was more than 16.99%. But the only way I’d be paying off a balance at that high a rate is if I’d previously gotten in bed with an even more unscrupulous credit card issuer.

At 16.99%, by the way, your debt will double in a little more than four years. So if you transferred a balance of $1,000., it’d be $2,000 just over four years after the interest kicks in.

But at least we’re paying a cool 0% in the first year. Tell us we’re at least getting that. Well, actually…no, we’re not. Because there’s a 3% “transfer fee” right off the bat. So, really, we’re paying 3% in the first year. That we’ll find only in the small print.

Even the devil just asks for your soul. How do these people sleep at night?





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