Pangaea 2Well, it’s like this. We’re following up on the success of our first Pangaea anthology with Pangaea II: The Rise of Dominjaron, which digs even deeper into the history of our fictional supercontinent and features an expanded cast of writers.

Pangaea II: The Rise of Dominjaron, like the original Pangaea anthology, explores a world in which all of humanity is confined to a single landmass and has been so confined for all of its recorded history. There’s no imperialism, no reliance on fossil fuels, and a distinct Neanderthal population.

Our new contributors include comics legend Ron Marz, master of dark fantasy Ilsa J. Bick, Kirsten Beyer (one of the top writers in the Star Trek publishing program), and sci fi shooting star Marie Lillian Vibbert. I couldn’t be more pleased to let them loose among the civilizations we’ve established on Pangaea and see what kinds of stories they come up with.

And it’s even more of a shared world this time around, so pretty much every story is something of a crossover. I can’t think of any format that’s more fun for the reader.

If you’re interested in supporting the Kickstarter campaign that’ll make Pangaea II a reality, here’s the url:

The Seekers and the SwordWell, The Seekers and The Sword, the second book in my Vidar Saga, is now available for purchase as an e-book from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Wouldn’t ya know it, just in time for the holiday rush!

Thanks to everyone who’s asked about Seekers, and the Vidar Saga in general, over the years. It’s my great pleasure to bring you this new volume, full of the epic adventure that began in the Saga’s first book, The Hammer and The Horn (Amazon and B&N), and will–with a little luck–continue in 2016 in the third book, The Fortress and The Fire.

I’ll let you know as soon as Seekers is available in paperback. In the meantime, enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate and may you receive everything you desire in the coming year.