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  1. Hi Mr. Friedman,

    This is unrelated but I thought I would post here if you don’t mind the indulgence.

    I just finished your STNG: Double Helix book the First Virtue. Great book! I am a lover of the different aliens encountered in Trek Novels. I am curious as to what the race the bodyguard for Pudris Barrh was. His name was “Old Scowly”. I loved the description and wondered if you had a name for the species or any kind of backstory in your mind?

    I am also interested in another species from one of your Trek novels. The Dombraatu are the extinct species whose homeworld Kirk and Spock encounter in the TOS novel Legacy. In the epilogue it gives a brief history on the species. McCoy describes them as incredibly strong and one of the toughest species dead or alive the Feferation has encountered. Any space faring species that would make Vulcans seem like weaklings peaks my interest. Did you visualize how big or what they looked like at all? What may have caused such a tough species to become extinct?

    If you have thoughts you could share, I would love to read them. Thanks in advance for any consideration you give to my questions!


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