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  1. Mr. Friedman,

    Many years ago, I read a little book of yours called Glove of Maiden’s Hair. I loved it! Now I am going all electronic, but cannot find an e-version of this book. If you happen to read this, could you possibly point me in the right direction? I have tried Amazon and many other online book sellers, but no luck.

  2. Dear Mr. Friedman,

    I am a student in Korea preparing ACT exam. While I was studying, I found one of your unpublished story called “The Magican” in a test prep book. The passage ends abruptly, and I am very curious to find out what happens next. I searched the web to find the full story, but I couldn’t find any. Could you please tell me what happens after the street magician meets the old man?

    Thank you

  3. Dear Mr. Friedman,
    I had the pleasure of reading the Vidar trilogy back when it first published (and I still have the paper copies). I just re-bought “The Hammer and the Horn” in the ebook format. When are the other two coming out in ebook form? The first book is very lonely in my library and wants his friends.

    • Mr. Friedman,
      I am also interested in finding a copy of the sequel books. I remember reading “The Hammer and the Horn” back in 1986, having borrowed it from my local library, but I had never heard of the sequels. Recently, I found a copy of “The Hammer and the Horn” and snatched it up. A quick internet search later showed there were two more books, but both seem to be long out of print. I’d love to find out what happens next.

  4. Something Weird Happened Today!

    If Mr. Friedman has not cashed the check I gave him at ShoreLeave, please don’t. For some reason both my savings account, and my checking account, at Citibank literally disappeared today. My IRA didn’t though. I have no idea what happened, but I will find out tomorrow.

  5. Michael Jan Friedman; Bob Greenberger; Peter David

    Good Evening Gentlemen!


    I just had the unmitigated pleasure of completing your novel, AFTER EARTH – The Perfect Beast.

    I read it in a day and a half. I could not put it down!!!

    I stumbled upon the book at a book donation drive and purchased it.

    I saw the movie AFTER EARTH and was impressed by the stark reality of the film.

    Since 1964, when I read my first Science Fiction novel, I have been hooked. It was books of this caliber that have kept me enthralled for over fifty years. I enjoyed this book immensely. Having a vivid imagination I was able with sparkling clarity to see what the three of you had written as if I were actually there; on the streets, in the forest, and in the desert. I could feel the heat from the two suns, the coolness of the nights. I could picture the individuals who played out the stories .

    The novel was so real, the words actually allowing me to see the scenes play out, see the characters, hear their voices as if I were there watching and observing.

    I was most deeply impressed by this novel and the novellas at the end of the book.

    Please tell me that it may be or is in the offing of having a movie created as well as the three novellas included at the end of the book in some near future?

    Waiting with baited breath. 🙂
    Mrs. Pam (Peter Pam) Hinson-Warren

  6. Dear Mr. Friedman,

    Here goes nothing.

    Myself and a friend of mine, both veteran members of online text-based Star Trek roleplaying communities, are endeavouring to set up a new roleplaying game called Star Trek: Out of Paradise.

    The setting is based entirely upon your book, The Valiant, which my friend and I both read and greatly enjoyed.

    The premise is that, in the year 2388, Starfleet has built a starbase in orbit of the planet Magnia, because it needed a place to fall back to if it lost the Dominion War, and Magnia is about as remote as they could get.

    The game will revolve around several starships exploring the area, travelling beyond the galactic barrier, and trying to entice Magnia to join the Federation, whilst encountering local rivals such as the Nuyyad and Kelvans.

    I am contacting you for two reasons. Firstly, because I thought you might like to know that your book has inspired two huge nerds to put their time and energy into creating a free roleplaying game which explores the setting in greater detail. Secondly, because I wondered whether you might be willing to share your views with us and help us to develop our vision of the region. We’d love to hear your views on Magnian and Nuyyad culture – what do the Nuyyad look like? How is their society organised? – or the inconsistency of Starfleet ships being able to reach the barrier in short voyages when it would take Voyager 70 years to cross the galaxy. Or anything else which you think is relevant!

    We understand entirely if that’s not a very productive use of your time, or if you haven’t thought about the book in years – but even if you can’t help us, we hope that we have your blessing to borrow the setting you created.

    Thanks, (for writing the book and giving us the idea, if nothing else!)

    Thomas Lee

    P.S. – I fully support your views on Starfleet: Year One being superior to Enterprise, and I still maintain to other Trekkies that Death in Winter was the last good TNG novel to be published (though there is some excellent stuff being written set in the 23rd century).

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